Types of Eviction

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Recreational Vehicle (RV)
  • Mobile Home
  • Eviction After Foreclosure
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We are a Registered & Bonded Unlawful Detainer Assistant Company which works closely with a local attorney to provide you assistance with the complete Unlawful Detainer Process. We can assist you with the notice, preparation of the unlawful detainer process, process serving, filing, and more. We understand how stressful the process can be and we will work hard to inure that it goes as smoothly as possible. Contact us today, let us help you as we have offices located in Beaumont and Hemet serving the Inland Empire in Riverside and San Bernardino County.

Forms Needed to Start a Service:

Note: e-Fill is a PDF you can fill out without printing or on the computer.

  1. Click Here to download a New Client Form
  2. Click Here to download an Electronic Payment Info
  3. Click Here to download a Notification of Payment Terms
  4. Click Here to download a Notice to Consumer
  5. Click Here to download Information Required for Sheriff Instructions
  6. Click Here to download The Refund Policy

Once all forms have been completed, please fax or email the forms to the office closest to your rental property or your regular office/service provider. Additionally, you can call and make an appointment for an office visit. Thanks.

Refund Policy:

The Eviction Center will only process refund requests under the following criteria’s:

  • If our client requests a refund for prepaid Court fees that were not actually used by The Eviction Center.
  • If our client is entitled to a refund for prepaid court fees not used, but has other balances owing due to other services being performed by The Eviction Center, then the amount of the refund will be credited first towards the other balances owing. A refund would be issued if a balance remains after the credits were applied to the client’s other account balances.

Refunds will be in the form of a check only and no refunds or credits will be issued after 90 days of the initial request for services. The refund policy is provided by The Eviction Center at the time a client requests services AND a copy is also posted in our office locations.

Legal Disclaimer

Legal Disclaimer Questions Although we are not attorneys, we work with many that are available if necessary during the eviction process. The information on this web site pertains to the laws and regulations of California and are subject to change according to the local rules of the court for that area. Please give us a call at any of our three locations. Leave a message if calling after hours and we will return your call as quickly as possible or drop us an e-mail at info@eviction-center.com.

Success Stories

Diane Churchill I have owned apartments in the San Jacinto valley since 1977. For the past 19 years, I have worked closely with The Eviction Center and the professionalism of their staff along with the personal support they provide has been invaluable over the years. They are a pleasure to work with, provide all the necessary support, & I personally would recommend them to anyone who own any rental property
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