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About Us

The Eviction Center is a unique company that provides a much needed service to landlords in Southern California. Our company differs because we offer our clients a more affordable alternative than that of using a high-priced law firm, combined with a higher level of customer service and expertise in the areas of Unlawful Detainer proceedings, Process Serving, Small Claims, Judgment Enforcement, Tenant Screening and Placement Services.

The Eviction Center is a member of the Apartment Association of the Greater Inland Empire (AAGIE) local chapter and the California Apartment Association (CAA) state association for over 10 years. Both organizations provide property owners invaluable information on law changes, operational advice, and industry related concerns. The Eviction Center is a registered and bonded “Unlawful Detainer Assistant” company in both Riverside and San Bernardino counties. In addition, we own and operate a full service property management company, The Griffon Management Group, Inc. in Hemet, CA. Our company also holds a state Private Investigation license, and has several registered and licensed Process Servers.

The Eviction Center has been providing these services since 1990, and has grown to 3 offices. Therefore, allowing our company to provide services over a large geographical area, while remaining small enough to provide each of our clients a more personal but professional level of service and a local advantage. The Eviction Center team of employees has over 35 years of combined experience, which also includes operational training and consulting. Our team works closely with our advising attorneys to ensure that your case is properly managed from start to finish.

This family owned business has grown and continues to remain successful, based on the core belief that we respect the rights of both the landlord and tenant, and hopefully make the eviction process an easier one for both parties. Our company is also committed to the advancement of the rental housing industry, the education of property owners, and the preservation of a positive image of the property owners that provide housing to half the population of California.

Our commitment is to not just the landlords we serve, but also to the surrounding cities in which we work and live, in supporting several Crime Free Multi-Housing programs by dedicating countless hours of volunteer time to these cities.

We are a GREAT TEAM, we all have different levels of education/experience, but together we make the BEST TEAM. We help each other with any questions or concerns we might have to make sure we provide you with the best and honest information. Let us help you and we can assure you that you won’t regret it!

Brenda Barajas:
My name is Brenda Barajas, I have worked for the Hemet Eviction Center  since February 2008. Prior to coming to The Eviction Center, I worked in the Mortgage industry as Senior Loan Processor for 8 years. While working with The Eviction Center I have obtained certificates from The City of Hemet Crime Free Multi-Housing Program, Judgment Enforcement, and CAA Fair Housing and also speak at the local Hemet Crime Free class every month. I am currently working on obtaining my Real Estate License. I believe my background and experience in Real Estate and Mortgage loan processing enables me to provide our customers additional knowledge relating to landlord tenant law and excellent customer service to all The Eviction Center clients. Additionally, with my experienced professionalism and organizational skills I have brought to The Eviction Center several improvements in the procedures that are now used daily in our offices.

Debbie Chilson:
My name is Debbie Chilson, and I have been with The Hemet Eviction Center since April 2012. My background consists of over 11 years with the Riverside Superior Court as a Courtroom Assistant. I have personally clerked in the Unlawful Detainer Department in the Moreno Valley Branch as well as in downtown Riverside in the General Civil Courtrooms, Traffic Courtroom, Small Claims Courtroom and Probate Courtrooms. Prior to working for the Riverside Superior Court, I worked for the Orange County Superior Court for over 5 years in the Criminal Division of the clerk’s office. Prior to working for the Court System, I have been a Legal Secretary/Legal Transcriptionist for a Workers Compensation Defense Law Office. My combined 20+ years of experience in the field of law and court procedures has afforded me an excellent background to draw from and use to provide excellent customer service to The Eviction Center clients. Additionally, I have several Certificates I have earned while employed for the Riverside Superior Court wherein the court provided in-house classes in the areas of Ethics, Interpersonal Communications, CLETS training, Civil Law, Probate Law, Criminal Law Procedures and ADA compliance in the courts. I also speak at the local Hemet Crime Free class every month.

Sandy Baragry:
My name is Sandy Baragry, I started working for The Hemet Eviction Center in May, 2000. I have maintained current legal information annually through legal seminars. I have taking classes through CAA-AAGIE for Fair Housing laws. I have attended many Crime Free Multi-Housing meetings and I have encouraged our clients who own property in The City of Hemet to work with the Crime Free Multi-Housing Program for many years. I have also gone through the four hour certification class and told our clients they would benefit from going to their classes as well.
When I started working at The Eviction Center in the Hemet office we were doing an average of fifteen evictions per month. Currently we now are working on a minimum of forty to forty-five cases per month and sometimes over sixty cases. I am proud of the growth of this office and I attribute it to our integrity and professionalism and to the personal one on one time we give our clients. We realize that every day a landlord is in the eviction process that it is money out of their pocket. We process the paperwork as quickly as the law will allow.
We take time to help our clients understand the requirements of the laws that govern landlords and tenants. We actually encourage any landlords to call us with questions and if we do not know the answer we will consult with our attorney and try to help them find the right answer for their situation. To me, these are the reasons we continue to grow from referrals and why we stand above others in this business.

Ashly Acevedo:
My name is Ashly Acevedo, I have worked at the Hemet Eviction Center since September 2017. I have 5 years customer service experience working with a wide variety of clients. Since working for The Eviction Center I have been trained by both my manager Brenda Barajas and my co-worker Debbie Chilson in the Unlawful Detainer Eviction process. Although I am new to this field, since I have been with the company for 2 years I have gained an enormous amount of knowledge in the process of evictions. With the knowledge of my two trainers, I feel very confident with being able to assist our clients with their eviction needs. I have participated in the 8-hour Crime Free Multi-Housing Class and obtained my Certificate with the program. This education has allowed me to assist our clients and encourage them to be a part of this program as well, and how they can benefit from it. I am very fortunate to be able to work for this company and am very excited for the experience and growth that it has given me and will continue to give me.

Jesey LeAnne Davis:
My name is Jesey LeAnne Davis and I have been with The Eviction Center since July 2018. The Eviction Center is my first real job and I am grateful this company has given me the opportunity to learn and develop my business skills while attending college to earn my Bachelors degree in Liberal Studies. My goal is to someday become a Special Education Teacher, working with Special Needs children. My background in High School consisted of being involved in Varsity Cheer for 3 years ultimately being promoted to Cheer Captain in my Senior Year. I have completed over 150 hours of Community Service at various Community events in the Beaumont/Banning area. I was also involved in being a Teacher’s Aide in the Special Needs classroom, assisting the teacher with all of the educational tasks involving the students. Additionally, I volunteered for the Special Olympics and also assisted with my High School Prom Event that was presented for the Special Needs students at my school. I am currently a full time student at Crafton Hills College working on obtaining my Associates Degree at this time and I will transfer to a University to earn my Bachelors Degree. I believe my volunteering and high school experiences allow me the ability to provide the Eviction Center clients with the high quality customer service that our company strives to achieve.

Veronica Hollenbaugh:
Veronica Hollenbaugh has actively been involved and committed to the family owned and operated business, The Eviction Center, since 1996. After obtaining her certificate in Paralegal Studies, Veronica utilized her legal training and law office clerking, in expanding The Eviction Center’s professional services to property owners needing eviction services, judgment enforcement services, and other court related services. Additionally, Veronica holds a real estate broker’s license and a destination as a California Certified Residential Manager (CCRM), and successfully manages 400 plus rental properties along side her property management team. Veronica speaks regularly for various cities’ Crime Free Multi-Housing Programs, and is an advocate for promoting landlord education by partnering with other rental housing professionals when called upon.

Legal Disclaimer

Legal Disclaimer Questions Although we are not attorneys, we work with many that are available if necessary during the eviction process. The information on this web site pertains to the laws and regulations of California and are subject to change according to the local rules of the court for that area. Please give us a call at any of our three locations. Leave a message if calling after hours and we will return your call as quickly as possible or drop us an e-mail at info@eviction-center.com.

Success Stories

Diane Churchill I have owned apartments in the San Jacinto valley since 1977. For the past 19 years, I have worked closely with The Eviction Center and the professionalism of their staff along with the personal support they provide has been invaluable over the years. They are a pleasure to work with, provide all the necessary support, & I personally would recommend them to anyone who own any rental property
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